Personal Branding Session

This one is for the entrepreneur, the artist, the maker, the dreamer, and any other person who is probably highly dependent on coffee. The purpose of a personal branding shoot is to not only show who you are, but show what you do. This is vital if you want to connect to your audience, your future clients or just to make your mama proud.

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The way to grow your business on social media is always changing. With how it’s working now, if you want to grow, you have to post really good content very consistently. The intention behind each personal branding shoot is to give you everything you need to take your social media and digital marketing game to the next level. We will do this by creating images of you that stand out from the rest and by giving you enough images to post consistently.

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What’s Included:

Pre-shoot Consultation

2-3 Hour Photo Shoot

Photo Studio Access

20 Retouched Images