My name is Austin Lord, and I'm a photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am also an amateur magician so if you work with me, you get to see all kinds of cool card tricks. 

There are three things that I hope to accomplish every time I pick up a camera whether I'm photographing a band, shooting portraits of someone for a magazine, or creating images for an ad campaign. 

Those things are: 

Telling the story the in the best way possible
Technical execution is such a small part of photography. I love lighting, composing, and coloring images, but I'm learning it's less about the how and more about the what and the why. Creating images from a place of deep purpose and with the audience in mind has awakened me to a whole new level of being an artist and communicator.

Tearing down all of the walls
The story is much harder to tell if there are walls standing between me and the subject or me and the one I'm creating photos for. Sometimes a wall is someone feeling nervous in front of the camera or sometimes a wall can be not being on the same page with what the vision of the project is. The key to overcoming these things is through intentional understanding and communicating with whoever I'm working with.

Showing honor to everyone involved
It's absolutely vital to me that everyone from the art director to the talent to the interns and everyone in between feels cared for and like they have a voice. This is essential to creating an environment of freedom and creativity and to tearing down walls and telling good stories. (See how it all comes full circle?) 

  Photo by  Patrick Chin.