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David Perry | Nashville, TN

Fleurie Pt. II

This is the second round of images from my shoot with Fleurie. I told Lauren upon preparing for this shoot that listening to her music always makes feel like I'm pulling an all-nighter, and I wanted to capture that feeling in the portraits I took of her. When she told me that most of her writing happens in the middle of the night, I realized why I felt that way about her music.

With the first set of images I posted, I was visualizing what I saw when listening her EP "Arrows." However, with these shots I was thinking about my personal favorite song of hers which is a tune called "Paralyzed." I think all it will take is for you to listen to it to understand why I shot these the way I did. 

Fleurie Pt. I

Fleurie Pt. I

Fleurie photographed by Austin Lord in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Austin Lord is a commercial and editorial photographer specializing in fashion, portraiture, and music photography in Nashville, Tennessee.

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